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Digital qualification as a practice-oriented solution for an efficient quality management.

What would happen if trainings were not boring? If it would adapt to your schedule? If you had no travel expenses? And you could organize your work better?

We live and work in a knowledge society, which also applies to quality management. Qualification – further education, training – therefore is essential for the development of your company. And haven't you already asked yourself why qualification is often so expensive and time consuming? And often so inefficient? We have asked ourselves that already.

The answer is QMH Academy & Services. It stands for knowledge transfer. For e-learning, training and digital tools that are designed in a way you can concentrate on the essentials: Your subject-specific topic. Without losing any time – not to mention the fun of further training and getting ahead.

Who are we? Experts in FMEA, audits and in risk and quality management. With years of experience, not to say decades, in conducting trainings. With great practical know-how. Didactic competence. And a lot of passion for "making things better".

QMH Academy & Services – essential for:

  • Engineers
  • Quality Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Directors with focus on QM
  • Students (Mechanical Engineering etc.)


Virtual, visually appealing learning worlds make emotional access to content easy. Successes quickly become visible for the trainee. Regardless of time and place, the training and further education of your employees can be easily designed. Accompanied by "e-coaches", webinars, effectiveness tests etc., the e-learning academy is a digital twin of our classroom training courses.


Thorsten Höppner will help you:
Tel: +49 40 / 88 19 02-111


Our coaches are insiders. In other words, they have decades of practical experience from an OEM, service provider as well as supplier perspective. This allows you to adapt the training courses to your individual needs and to exchange ideas directly with our trainers. Languages: German, English. Location: Worldwide. On your premises or in our office in Hamburg.


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Tel: +49 40 / 88 19 02-110


We can realize our portfolio because as a provider of seminars, web-based trainings and integrated learning scenarios we are also content manufacturers. Due to our infrastructure and experts, we can qualify for qualifications – so we are able to produce learning content ourselves. We pursue the goal of depicting the current state of technology and transferring our services to the digital world.


Thorsten Höppner will help you:
Tel: +49 40 / 88 19 02-111


Digital Automotive Risk integrated Quality Solution – the FMEA web tool by QMH. This data-based web application is the ideal tool to perform your FMEA faster and uncomplicated, with less use of resources. It is method-compliant due to the consistent guidance of the user, delivers meaningful results quickly and is easy to use even without regular application.

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60 years of concentrated expertise of our experts

Thorsten Höppner
Founder and Shareholder
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Managing Director
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Thomas Scherg
Senior Consultant
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Junior Social Media Manager
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Manon Bläsing
Team Assistant
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