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HANSE-FMEA is the tool to create your FMEA according to the latest standards of VDA & AIAG. Decades of experience went into the creation of this simple, web-based tool.

HANSE-FMEA takes you step by step by the hand when creating FMEAs. Forget Excel forms and let the intuitive operation with focus on the essentials convince you. With HANSE-FMEA collect all FMEA projects in your company in one place and work collaboratively with your employees and customers.

Project Management

Independent of the creation of your FMEA, plan your projects with HANSE-FMEA. Spend less time on planning and let the ease of use convince you here as well.

Whether phase planning, progress tracking, risk or stakeholder analysis: The modular structure allows you to build your personal project management tool. Define responsibilities for actions and send them easily - even to people without a HANSE FMEA account. In addition, create status and final reports.


HANSE-FMEA gives you a good first overview of the essential actions in creating your FMEA by means of an example project. Beyond that we are happy to help you. Please ask us.

HANSE-FMEA lays the foundation for standardizing your process for creating FMEAs. We are happy to advise you in this regard. Even if you need support in moderating your FMEA or a deeper introduction to HANSE-FMEA, feel free to ask us. All this online, flexible and cost-saving.

FMEA according to the latest standards

With HANSE-FMEA you create your FMEA according to the latest standards of VDA & AIAG. HANSE-FMEA guides you through the 7 steps from planning the scope and defining the team to documenting and exporting the result for the customer, client or for internal archiving. With your dashboard, you as the project manager and your team update the open measures across projects. Your customers also have the right to manage the tasks assigned to them through external dashboards - without having to take out a license.

HANSE-FMEA focuses on the essential functions you need to create an FMEA. You don't have to search long in detail-oriented menus for the right function and have everything important right in front of your eyes. This way you always keep the focus - even with complex systems.

HANSE-FMEA features:

  1. D-FMEA and P-FMEA according to the 7 steps of VDA & AIAG or VDA Standard
  2. individually designable risk matrices and classifications of features
  3. Creation of Pareto analyses
  4. Modular design of FMEA activities to focus on the essentials
  5. Dashboard for quick updating of activities
  6. Project management even without creating an FMEA

Our trial model

Additional options to the license package

We support you with software and FMEA method training.

For an individual solution on your server we are at your disposal.


Our features are aligned with the requirements of the FMEA. Each of the 7 steps can be performed in our software using features.

(Step 1) Planning and preparation

Set and control task through integrated project management purpose, schedule and their team

(Step 2) Structural analysis

Quickly create structures of simple or complex systems and define associated features.

(Step 3) Functional analysis

Assign functions to the structural elements and create function networks supported by preselection.

(Step 4) Fault analysis

Assign malfunctions to functions and create error networks supported by preselection.

(Step 5) Risk analysis

Evaluate fault chain risks and have action priority and RPN determined automatically.

(Step 6) Optimization

Define catalog-supported measures to reduce risks and assign responsibilities.

(Step 7) Documentation of results

Create forms according to the latest standards and document your lessons learned for further projects.


Export the result for local archiving or as documentation for your customers.

HANSE-FMEA: Suitable for your needs

You are tired of Excel or the established tools are too expensive and too complex for you? HANSE-FMEA helps your entire company to standardize FMEA processes and focuses on the essentials. Due to the simple and intuitive application, your risk management teams will enjoy working with it and your customers will be enthusiastic about the hassle-free collaboration without needing an additional login. This way you optimize your product and process quality as well as customer satisfaction.

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