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QMH presents an easy to use web tool for the creation of FMEAs. Our database-driven web application is the ideal tool for you, if you can no longer meet the current and future requirements with FMEAs by Excel and other "large" software solutions are too complicated and expensive.


Digital Automotive Risk integrated Quality Solution.

  • ideal tool for the interaction of various methods
  • guided 7-step FMEA methodology
  • simple operation, even without regular use
  • data security through state-of-the-art encryption
  • no costly installation necessary
  • Just register and off you go!


Test DARiQS now for free of charge and without obligations:


What is DARiQS?

The Digital Automotive Risk integrated Quality Solution is a web-based software solution (operated via web browser) that is simple, intuitive and can be operated without previous software knowledge. You can use it to create flow charts, Process-FMEAs and production control plans.

Can you create Process-FMEAs with DARiQS only?

The PFMEA (7 steps including management reporting of FMEA activities), process flow diagram, CP and audit tool for system audits are already available.

DARiQS is constantly being further developed in order to provide users with the greatest possible benefit – while at the same time stay ease of use.

DARiQS will also have the following functions in future versions:

  • Audittool (VDA6.3 etc.)
  • Project management
  • MSA/PPE capabilities
What advantages does DARiQS have over other FMEA or CAQ software solutions?

DARiQS does not need to be installed in your IT infrastructure, so it does not require any IT resources and administration in your company. You log in via a modern web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge) and you can start immediately. In addition, the costs of this licensing model are significantly lower than with other solutions on the market.

Is the data I enter into DARiQS safe even though it is not stored in my company system?

Yes, modern enterprise software systems must be highly available, safe and scalable. To meet these requirements completely, the development of DARiQS is based on the Java 2 Enterprise Edition and thus on architectures that are also used in high-security banking systems or in the SAP environment. The data is processed and stored exclusively in German computer centers according to ISO 27001 and EU-DSGVO.

DARiQS has been certified by an independent institution with PCI-DSS Compliance (Payment Card Industry Security Standard), which means it meets the high security standards of the credit card industry.

Does DARiQS meet the requirements of the harmonized FMEA manual according to AIAG/VDA?

DARiQS guides the user through the 7 steps of FMEA described in the manual. The AP logic as well as the RPZ logic (with SxO, SxD, DxO) can be displayed. The form follows the software view of the manual. Since the FMEA manual has been published (June 2019), the AP evaluation tables and the forms (software view) are available in DARiQS also.

Can I import existing FMEAs into DARiQS?

Yes, DARiQS has an import interface for Excel forms (e.g. export from other FMEA software providers).



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